FID 2011 Drawings for the future


Cité internationale des arts


FID is an independent cultural institution specialised in the patronage of expertise.
The institution, dedicated to contemporary drawing, was founded in Paris in 2007.

  • FID Prize: the international drawing competition.
  • FID Editions: contemporary art bibliophilia with studio sketchbooks as main focus.
  • FID Newsletter & Blog: interviews on drawing
Drawings for the future!

31 mars – 3 avril 2011 à Paris

“Why drawing?” I hear you ask. Because drawing is everywhere. It’s universal, and its simple, inexpensive to do and to buy. Young and old, rich and poor, everyone can do it, and collect it. Just try for yourself.From nursery school to prison, Man cannot keep from drawing. From Lascaux to Chelsea, Man is the animal that draws. There is no theatre in drawing. All it takes is a pencil, a sheet of paper and movement of the hand – line. No discourse. Skill, emotion, idea – or not.