As a European technology group for building services, STRABAG SE had its origins in its core markets of Austria and Germany, but is now active and successful in markets across western, eastern and south-east Europe, and increasingly on other continents. Thanks to the dedicated work of its 73,000 employees, STRABAG provides services along the entire value chain of construction. Many important construction brands are united within STRABAG SE. Building on its long history of success, the company stands for technical expertise, customer service and reliability. Partnership, dedication and solidarity are just some of the values which anchor the company’s operations.

As well as economic and ecological responsibility, cultural and social engagement are deeply integrated into the life of the company. STRABAG Kunstforum – founded in the 1990s, when the group was still headquartered in the Austrian town of Spittal/Drau – has successfully built bridges between art and business, including through its annual art prize to support young artists. First awarded in 1994, the competition was initially limited to Austria. Since 2009, when it became the STRABAG Artaward International, it has also been open to artists from selected European countries. In addition to Austria, as the home country of STRABAG SE, the following countries were eligible to participate: 2009–2011: Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Hungary; 2012–2014: Poland, Romania, Russia; 2015–2017: BeNeLux countries, Switzerland and North Rhine-Westphalia/D; 2018–2020: Germany.

Between 2021 and 2023, the STRABAG Artaward International will be open to artists from:

Young artists under the age of forty working in the fields of painting and drawing are cordially invited to apply for the prize.